Fluorescent Green 1mm Waxed Cotton Cord, 70 Meters, Vibrant Beading String for Jewelry & Macrame

  • $4.25

~~ Unleash a Burst of Energy Into Your Craft Project! ~~ 

• Get ready to unleash your creativity with this eye-catching Fluorescent Green 1mm Waxed Cotton cord. This high-quality cord comes in a generous spool of 70 meters (5 yards), providing enough material for multiple projects. Its bright fluorescent green hue will make your creations pop with vitality.

• This 1mm diameter cord is perfect for all your jewelry-making adventures, such as knotting, threading beads, or weaving macramé masterpieces. Thanks to its durable and colorful stitch, it's also great for sewing leather goods. The waxed finish adds a touch of water resistance, making it easy to glide through materials and providing a smooth crafting process.

• This cord offers much more than just aesthetic appeal. It invites you to express your individuality and infuse your handmade items with a unique flair straight from the heart. Join the satisfied crafters who have chosen our cord to add color and reliability to their work.

• Don't settle for ordinary. Let this fluorescent green cord be the beacon for your creativity, and watch as it transforms your projects into dazzling works of art. Add it to your cart today and start crafting your vision into vivid reality!

Material: Waxed Cotton Cord
Amount: 1 spool
Size: 70 Meter s/ 76.5 Yards
Width: 1mm diameter
Color: Bright Fluorescent Green

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