Gold & Amethyst Clip-on Charm, Purple Stone Purse Charm + Lobster Clasp

  • $8.00

💚 This stunning amethyst stone asymmetrical teardrop clip-on charm with a luxurious gold lobster clasp can be used to accessorize your purse, journal, jewelry, or even your pet's collar.

The shape adds a touch of uniqueness to the charm, making it stand out from other accessories in your collection. The gold lobster clasp is not only stylish but also secure, ensuring that your charm stays in place wherever you decide to attach it.

Make a statement and add this exquisite amethyst stone asymmetrical teardrop clip-on charm to your collection today. It also makes a unique and meaningful gift!

Material: The charm is amethyst; The clasp is gold-plated brass.
Amount: 1 charm
Size: 1 3/4" long
Shape: Asymmetrically shaped teardrop
Color: Dark purple stone with gold edging and a gold lobster clasp. The coloring of each stone will vary slightly.

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