90g Brown Glass Seed Beads Set, Earth-Toned Beads for Jewelry Making & Crafts

  • $3.95

💚 Discover the enchanting world of beading with this Brown Glass Seed Beads Set from Cousin, your trusted craft companion. This exquisite set, weighing in at a bountiful 90 grams, is a cornucopia of creativity just waiting to be unlocked. Each tiny bead in this Jewelry Basics Bead Mix is a spark of possibility, a small but mighty muse for your jewelry-making journey. Whether you're a novice stringing your first bracelet or a skilled artisan crafting intricate patterns, these beads are the versatile companions you need to bring your visions to life.

Delve into the rich tapestry of browns that make up this set, with hues that echo the natural world - from the deep, comforting shade of espresso to the whisper of reddish clay. These varying shades of brown are more than mere colors; they're a statement of elegance and earthiness that will infuse your jewelry with a sense of grounded sophistication. The diminutive size of these glass seed beads makes them perfect for detailed work, allowing you to create pieces that speak volumes about your attention to detail and passion for craft. Whether adorning wrists, gracing necklines, or adding flair to textiles, these beads will be the subtle yet striking touch that completes any work.

Caring for your Brown Glass Seed Bead Set is as simple as its beauty. Store them in a cool, dry place, shielded from the sun's rays, to preserve their sheen and color. Handle them with care to protect their delicate glass construction, which is part of the charm that makes your creations truly stand out. 

As you thread each bead, you're not just fashioning an accessory; you're weaving the essence of Hackberry Creek into your work - a brand synonymous with quality, creativity, and authenticity. Dive into this bead set and let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities they present.

Item: Glass Seed Bead Set
Amount: 90 grams
Color: Varying shades of brown
Manufacturer: Cousin
Item Number: 34720019 - Brown Seed Bead Mix

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