1mm Waxed Cotton Cord - Light Olive Green - 70M - Macrame and Beading String

  • $4.25

~~ Craft with Ease - Premium Quality Waxed Cotton Cord! ~~ 

• Our Waxed Cotton Cord is made of premium-quality, strong, and durable material. It can be used for various crafting applications, from jewelry making to leather sewing, binding, beading, and more.

• The spool contains 70 meters/76.5 yards of cord, enough material for multiple projects. The cord is 1mm in diameter, perfect for intricate designs and knotting.

• The light olive green color of the cord adds a natural and earthy element to your crafts. It's a versatile color that can be paired with various other shades, making it the perfect addition to your crafting supplies.

• The waxed coating on the cord makes it easy to handle and work with. It also helps to prevent fraying and tangling, ensuring a smooth crafting process every time.

• With our Waxed Cotton Cord, your crafting possibilities are endless. Create beautiful jewelry pieces, intricate leather designs, unique binding projects, and more. Get your hands on this high-quality cord today and start crafting with ease!

Material: Waxed Cotton Cord
Amount: 1 spool
Size: 70 Meters/ 76.5 Yards
Width: 1mm diameter
Color: Light Olive Green

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