6 Eye of Horus Pendants - Metal Egyptian Charms - Handmade Protection Jewelry

  • $3.50

~~ Unlock Ancient Mysteries with the Eye of Horus: Your Talisman Awaits! ~~ 

• These Eye of Horus pendants are crafted from a high-quality zinc alloy metal, ensuring durability and a gleaming silver finish. Each package contains six pieces, ready to become the centerpiece of your creations.

• Measuring 31mm x 26mm and with a convenient 2mm hanging loop at the top, these pendants are generously sized for various uses. Whether you're adorning a necklace or adding charm to a keychain, their balanced size makes them versatile for all your crafting needs.

• The front of each pendant proudly bears the Eye of Horus - an emblem steeped in ancient Egyptian lore, representing protection, royal power, and health. The design is meaningful and striking, with a plain back that allows the symbol to stand out.

• These silver pendants serve as the perfect foundation for your imaginative projects. Create necklaces that look stunning and carry the weight of historical significance. Or, craft unique keychains that offer a touch of mystique to your everyday carry.

• Beyond crafting, these Eye of Horus pendants make thoughtful gifts, infusing a sense of safeguarding and well-being into the lives of your loved ones. Embrace the opportunity to give a gift that's more than just an accessory- it's a token of ancient wisdom and care.

Material: Zinc alloy metal
Amount: 6 per package
Size: 31mm x 26mm; hanging loop hole is 2mm
Shape: Eye of Horus
Color: Silver with the design on the front and a plain back


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