Nylon Jaw Forming Pliers - Jewelry Tool with Padded Purple Handles - 1 Piece

  • $5.95

• Transform your jewelry-making process with our Nylon Jaw Forming Pliers! 

• These pliers, measuring approximately 5.75" x 2.5", are expertly crafted from durable steel. They feature gentle nylon jaws and padded handles in an appealing purple color. 

• Designed for versatility, these pliers shape soft metals like sterling silver. Thanks to the nylon's gentle touch, they create delicate bends without marring the material's surface.

• Our Nylon Jaw jaw-forming pliers are not just for bending-they are your go-to tool for smoothing out kinks in wires and pins. Draw your wire through the nylon jaws, turn, and draw again to remove imperfections effortlessly. These pliers even enable you to reduce the gauge of sterling wire by repeatedly drawing it through the jaws, opening up a realm of creative possibilities for your handmade jewelry projects.

• These pliers are Ideal for novice creators and experienced jewelers, bringing professional results to your DIY projects.

Item: Nylon Jaw Forming Pliers
Length: Approximately 5.75" x 2.5"
Color: Purple
Material: Steel with nylon jaws and padded handles
Features: This Nylon Jaw Forming Plier is ideal for working with soft metals like sterling silver to create soft bends. The nylon jaws are much gentler than metal on metal, avoiding marring the surface. 


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