Purple 1mm Satin Nylon Cord, 60 Meters, Jewelry Making and Macrame String

  • $5.00

• This Purple 1mm Satin Nylon Cord is a must-have for all craft enthusiasts and jewelry makers. This vibrant purple cord is made from premium nylon, ensuring durability and strength, while its satin finish gives it a beautiful, glossy sheen. 

• Each spool contains a generous 65 yards of cord, with a width of 1mm, making it perfect for various projects.

• This cord is incredibly versatile and can be used in numerous crafting applications. Whether creating intricate macrame pieces, designing your own beaded jewelry, or practicing the art of Kumihimo, this cord is the ideal companion for your creative journey. 

• A touch of elegance and uniqueness can be added to any project with the use of colored materials. However, it is essential to test for colorfastness to ensure that it meets the specific requirements of your project. 

• Our Purple 1mm Satin Nylon Cord is not only high-quality but also embodies the quality that is the cornerstone of all our products. Order your spool today and embark on your next crafting adventure with confidence and style.

◼ Specifications
Material: Nylon Cord
Amount: 1 spool
Size: 60 Meters/ 65 yards
Width: 1mm diameter
Color: Purple

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