100 Red Crackle Glass Beads - 6mm Round - Christmas Crafts & Jewelry Making

  • $3.25

~~ Add a Festive Touch to Your Creations with these Radiant Red Crackle Glass Beads. ~~ 

• Infuse your crafts with the holidays' vibrant spirit using our 100 Red Crackle Glass Beads pack. Their radiant red hue, reminiscent of holly berries, is perfect for Christmas crafts and adds a festive sparkle to your jewelry designs or seasonal decorations.

• Each bead is designed with a captivating cracked look, creating an intricate pattern that catches the light and the eye. This distinctive feature enhances the depth and texture of your creations, ensuring they stand out with an artisanal touch.

• measuring 6mm with a 1mm hole, these round beads with slightly flattened sides are ideal for stringing on various materials. Whether crafting necklaces and bracelets or adding embellishments to holiday decor, these beads offer versatility and ease of use.

• Never run short of supplies mid-project again. Our generous pack of 100 beads ensures you have plenty to work with, whether creating pieces for personal use, gifts, or to sell at craft fairs and online stores.

• Delivered unstrung, you have the freedom to let your creativity flow. Mix and match with other materials or use them as standout pieces in your next DIY jewelry project. These glass beads are a must-have for crafters and jewelry makers looking to add elegance and holiday cheer to their work.

Material: Glass Beads
Amount: 100 beads
Size: 6mm; 1mm hole size
Shape: Round with slightly flattened sides around the stringing hole
Color: Red with a cracked look

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