20 Caffeine Molecule Links - Silver Metal Coffee Charms - Coffee Lover Jewelry

  • $4.50

~~ Perk Up Your Style with Silver Caffeine Molecule Charms - The Perfect Blend for Coffee Enthusiasts! ~~ 

• Discover the charm of chemistry with our Silver Caffeine Molecule Links! Designed for those who revel in the love of coffee, these intricate charms embody the essence of your favorite morning brew. Each piece masterfully represents the caffeine molecule, making it a statement piece for jewelry that truly speaks to the coffee lover's soul.

• At 23mm x 24mm, with 1mm stringing holes, these charms are sized just right for making a statement without overpowering your look. The thoughtful design ensures that your jewelry will be comfortable to wear, easy to work with, and will catch the eye of fellow coffee enthusiasts.

• With two convenient stringing holes on each charm, your creativity can run wild! Whether you're looking to craft a chic pendant, a trendy charm bracelet, or an eye-catching link for your necklace, these caffeine molecule charms offer versatility to suit any jewelry-making project. Unleash your inner designer and create pieces as unique as your caffeine kick.

• Fashioned from high-quality zinc alloy metal, these charms boast durability with a vintage flair. The antique silver color adds a timeless elegance to your creations, ensuring that your jewelry pieces look fabulous and stand the test of time.

• Each package contains 20 caffeine molecule links, providing ample supply for all your crafting needs. Whether stocking up, preparing for a craft fair, or making gifts for friends, you'll have plenty of charms to work with. Add a pack to your cart today!

Material: Zinc alloy metal
Amount: 20 per package
Size: 23mm x 24mm; stringing holes are 1mm
Shape: Caffeine Molecule
Color: Antique Silver 

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