Silver Cage Pendant + Heart Design - Hollow Round Locket - Gemstone or Bead Holder

  • $6.00

Material: Brass
Amount: 1 Piece
Size: 50mm top to bottom including bail; Cage outer diameter: 25mm; Inner diameter 22mm
Shape: Decorative Hollow Round Cage with openwork heart design. The largest holes measure about 6mm, so anything placed inside must be larger than this, or it will fall through.
Color: Silver

• Discover the beauty of our enchanting Silver Cage Pendant with Heart Design, a versatile locket perfect for holding various treasures.

• Made from premium brass and plated lustrous silver, this beautifully detailed locket features a decorative hollow round cage adorned with intricate openwork heart designs.

• The entire piece measures 50mm from top to bottom and features an outer diameter of 25mm and an inner diameter of 22mm. The generous size makes this locket functional and decorative.

• This pendant can be personalized in seconds. Adding a bead infused with your favorite essential oil can transform this locket into an aromatherapy pendant, allowing you to carry the soothing benefits throughout the day. It is also ideal for holding larger keepsakes or gemstones, making it an excellent gift for loved ones or a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

• Whether celebrating a special occasion, looking for a unique gift, or simply treating yourself, this unique piece is a charming and thoughtful choice that will be cherished for years.

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