Silver Celtic Knot Clip-On Charm, Timeless Elegance Design + Lobster Clasp

  • $6.00

💚 This adorable Silver Celtic Knot Clip-On Charm is designed to effortlessly elevate your personal style while infusing your daily life with a touch of timeless elegance. This lovingly hand-assembled, round charm showcases a captivating open Celtic love knot pattern, symbolizing interconnectedness and eternity. The charm is crafted from Silver Plated Metal Alloy, while the clasp is made from durable Stainless Steel, ensuring secure attachment and dependable use.

Measuring 1 3/8" long, the charm features a round open Celtic love knot design in a gleaming silver finish. The lobster claw clasp allows for seamless adornment, whether you choose to attach it to your purse, journal, bracelet, or zipper. This versatile charm brings forth an effortless touch of sophistication that complements your unique style and serves as a constant reminder of life's infinite journeys.

The Silver Celtic Knot Clip-On Charm is perfect for those who appreciate meaningful gestures. It makes an ideal gift for friends, family, or even yourself, as it serves as a beautiful bridge between style and sentiment. To maintain the charm's brilliance, simply wipe it gently with a soft cloth; no need for harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

Order yours today and experience the enchanting allure of this timeless symbol, expertly crafted to enhance your personal style and showcase your love for meaningful symbolism.

Material: Charm is Silver Plated Metal Alloy; Clasp is Stainless Steel
Amount: 1 charm
Size: 1 3/8" long
Shape: Round Open Celtic Love Knot
Color: Silver with an open knot design

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