25 Pcs Nickel Plated Brass #10 Ball Chain Loop Connectors, Silver "A" Couplings

  • $6.95

💚 These versatile and durable Nickel Plated Brass #10 Ball Chain Loop Connectors are perfect for all your household and DIY crafting needs! These high-quality connectors are designed to fit #8 to #10 ball chain, which measures 4mm to 4.5mm, adding a polished and professional touch to your projects. Sold in a generous pack of 25 'A' Coupling connectors, you'll have plenty on hand.

Each connector is made from premium nickel-plated brass, ensuring durability and a beautiful silver finish that complements any design. Measuring 10mm x 20mm with a 5mm hole size, these connectors are the ideal size for various uses. 

They can be used to attach items to existing ball chain or to attach chain to other items with a screw, bolt, or rivet.  Simply attach the connector to the last link of your ball chain. The possibilities are endless with these versatile connectors!

Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Amount: 25 'A' Coupling connectors
Size: 10mm x 20mm; 5mm hole size
Shape: These connectors fit #8 to #10 ball chain (which measures 4mm to 4.5mm)
Color: Silver

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