10-Pack Fishhook Ball Ear Wires, Silver Plated Elegance Earring Hooks for Crafting Unique Earrings

  • $3.00

💚 These Silver Plated Elegance Earring Hooks are a perfect blend of style and functionality, making them the ideal choice for your next jewelry creation. Manufactured by Cousin, a trusted name in the jewelry-making industry, each pack contains 10 pieces, enough to create five gorgeous pairs of earrings.

Each ear wire measures 8mm x 18mm, an ideal size that adds a subtle hint of glamour without overpowering your unique earring designs. The ear wire comes with an added ball detail, a small but impactful touch that gives your earrings an extra dose of elegance. The bright silver color of these ear wires ensures that they will pair beautifully with a wide range of bead colors and materials. They are made from high-quality silver-plated metal, promising durability and a long-lasting shine.

These ear wires are incredibly easy to use, simply thread your chosen dangle onto the wire and bend it to secure. Ideal for creating custom earrings, these hooks allow you to express your creativity and personal style. Whether you're crafting earrings for yourself, to gift a loved one, or to sell, these hooks will ensure your creations stand out. Please note that due to their silver-plated nature, it is recommended to avoid direct contact with water or perfume to ensure their longevity.

Unleash your creativity with these Fishhook Ball Ear Wires and design earrings that are as unique as you are. Remember, the only limit is your imagination. Experience the satisfaction of creating your very own jewelry pieces with these high-quality, silver-plated hooks. Order your pack today and start crafting beautiful earrings with a touch of elegance.

Material: Silver Plated Metal
Amount: 10 per package
Size: 8mm x 18mm
Shape: Earwire with ball
Color: Bright Silver
Manufacturer: Cousin
Item Number: 2950227 - Silver Plate Ball Hook Wire

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