5 Silver Sword Metal Bookmark Blanks, 4 1/4" Long, Personalized Gift for Reader

  • $6.95

💚 Immerse yourself in the world of books and fantasy with our 5 Silver Sword Metal Bookmark Blanks. These unique bookmarks are shaped like swords, making them a perfect accessory for your favorite adventure novels, fantasy series, or even your daily planner. Crafted from high-quality Zinc Alloy Metal, each bookmark measures 1" x 4 1/4", with a 2mm hole size, perfect for attaching a tassel or beads to personalize and make it your own.

Each bookmark is designed in the shape of a classic sword, with an antique silver finish, adding a touch of elegance and medieval charm to your reading. This product is more than just a bookmark; in addition to being functional, it's a statement piece that reflects your love for books and creativity. Whether you're a seasoned bookworm or a casual reader, these bookmarks will enhance your reading experience and keep your pages marked with style.

You will receive a set of 5 bookmarks, making them perfect for gifting to fellow book lovers or for keeping as a unique addition to your own collection. These bookmarks are durable and easy to care for, ensuring they'll be a companion to your favorite books. Unleash your creativity, attach your favorite beads or tassels to the end, and make these bookmarks truly your own. Dive into your next literary adventure with our Silver Sword Metal Bookmark Blanks.

Material: Zinc Alloy Metal
Amount: 5 bookmarks
Size: 1" x 4 1/4"; 2mm hole size
Shape: Sword
Color: Antique silver

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