50 Small #3 Silver Connectors - Nickel Plated Brass - For Ball Chain Jewelry

  • $4.10

~~ Create Stunning Jewelry with Our Premium 50-Pack of #3 Silver Connectors ~~ 

• Our premium pack of 50 silver connectors is perfect for making DIY ball chain jewelry. 

• These connectors are designed specifically for #3 size ball chain. They are meticulously crafted from durable brass and finished with a sleek nickel plating, giving them a lustrous silver appearance that adds a touch of elegance to any creation. 

• Measuring 3mm x 9mm, these connectors are the perfect fit for ball chains measuring 3/32" or 2.4mm, ensuring a secure and seamless join every time. You can use them to create personalized pieces, stock up your craft supplies, or find the perfect component for your home DIY projects. 

• These connectors are perfect for jewelry makers, dog tags, neck chains, pen retention chains, and vertical blinds. They are manufactured in the USA and are unmatched in quality and versatility. 

• Get this premium pack and start creating stunning jewelry today!

Material: Brass, Nickel plated; Manufactured in the USA.
Amount: 50 connectors
Size: 3mm x 9mm
Shape: These connectors fit #3 ball chain (which measures 3/32" or 2.4mm)
Color: Silver