25 Smoked Topaz Leaf Beads, Czech Glass Nature-Inspired Leaves for Beading & Crafts

  • $2.90

~~ Unleash Your Creativity with Nature-Inspired Elegance ~~ 

•  This 25 Transparent Smoked Topaz Leaf Bead collection is a treasure trove waiting to transform your creative vision into a stunning reality.

•  Each bead is meticulously crafted from the finest Czech glass and features a delicate curved leaf shape with intricate veining details that capture the essence of nature's artistry.

•  The transparent smoked topaz color shimmers with a subtle glow, offering a versatile palette that pairs beautifully with various materials and designs.

•  Crafted in the Czech Republic, these high-quality glass beads are a testament to the skilled artisans who bring them to life, and their durability ensures that your creations will be cherished for years to come.

•  Add these little gems to your collection and watch as they lend their unique charm to your next project, making every piece a conversation starter.

Material: Czech Glass Beads
Amount: 25 beads
Size: 9mm x 14mm; 1mm hole drilled across the top
Shape: Curved leaf with veining detail
Color: Transparent Smoked Topaz

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