1 Set Copper Heirloom Two Strand Toggle Clasp, TierraCast Clasp for DIY Jewelry

  • $2.65

• Welcome to a world where craftsmanship meets style and functionality. Presenting our Copper Heirloom Two Strand Toggle Clasp, a piece as unique as you are. This clasp set embodies understated elegance, making it perfect for elevating your jewelry making.

• This exquisite clasp set is made in the USA by TierraCast®, renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted from culinary-grade, Lead-Free Pewter, ensuring it's safe and durable. What sets it apart is its antique finish, copper-plated to add a touch of vintage charm to your creation. 

• The set includes a ring and a bar, each measuring 15mm x 18mm and 6mm x 25mm, respectively. This size is versatile for a necklace or bracelet project.

• The double-strand toggle bar and ring each feature two loops for easy connection. The antique copper color adds a rich, warm hue, perfect for any design. This clasp adds aesthetic value to your creation, making it more than just a functional element.

• With this clasp set, you're not just buying a product. You're investing in a piece with a quality and craftsmanship legacy. Let your creations shine with this exquisite piece. Order now and let your creativity flow.

Material: Culinary-grade, Lead-Free Pewter, Copper-Plated with an antique finish; Made in the USA by TierraCast®
Amount: 1 Clasp Set
Size: Ring: 15mm x 18mm; Bar: 6mm x 25mm
Shape: Double Strand Toggle bar & ring
Color: Antique Copper

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