4 Pewter Nugget 3-Hole 5mm Spacer Bars, TierraCast Link for Multi-Strand Jewelry

  • $3.30

~~ Add a touch of rustic elegance to your DIY jewelry creations with these unique 3-hole Spacer Bars. ~~ 

• Expertly crafted by TierraCast®, these 5mm 3-hole links are made in the United States from high-quality, culinary-grade, lead-free pewter, ensuring safety and durability. 

• Each set comes with four spacer bars, each measuring 5mm x 14mm and sporting a 2.25mm hole size. The nugget spacer bar shape adds a distinct charm that can elevate any jewelry piece.

• The dark silver color of these spacer bars exudes a timeless sophistication that can complement various jewelry styles. 

• Their three-hole design is versatile - perfect for multi-strand bracelets or necklaces. Whether creating a piece for a loved one or designing for your collection, these spacer bars can add that special touch that makes your creation stand out.

• Order your set today and start creating jewelry pieces that tell a story. Experience the difference that quality craftsmanship can make in your jewelry designs.

Material: Culinary-grade, Lead-Free Pewter; Made in the USA by TierraCast®
Amount: 4 spacer bars
Size: 5mm x 14mm; 2.25mm hole size
Shape: Nugget spacer bar
Color: Dark Silver

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